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It would go against my own personal philosophy to forcibly fit a customer into a specific package that suits me which is why through Smarter Business Solutions, I allow you to determine what not only your needs are, but then help you determine to what depth you wish to focus on them. You can paint a car for $100, $1000 or $10000. Mostly get what you pay for, but maybe the $100 option isn’t actually enough while the $10000 is overkill. Your digital marketing should be looked at the same way.

Custom Packages For Your Needs AND Budget

Answer 2 questions to see how easily you could afford to have a professional, digital marketing expert on staff.

1. To what depth do you want to improve your marketing footprint?

I need to do something ?
Lay the foundation to be much better ?
I want to be great ?

2. Where do you need marketing assistance in gaining traction or improving your current R.O.I.?

SEO/Local SEO ?
Social Media ?
Website Management ?
Video Marketing ?
Email marketing ?
Customer Lifetime Value ?
AdWords/PPC ?
Marketing Strategy ?
Advice/Advocacy ?
Graphic Design ?

Your potential monthly investment to improve your business is $45

Welcome to Smarter Business Solutions

SBS was founded on the realization that small businesses have a deep rooted need for current, accurate, non-biased digital marketing information and services, delivered by someone with experience in your specific market. Unfortunately in many cases these businesses do not have the digital/online marketing knowledge to be able to most effectively steer their business in the right direction or more importantly, arm themselves with enough of the proper information to battle their various marketing vendors/service providers to be able to sell more, at the right time, to the right customers for the most profit.

Marketing Services We Offer

The needs of the every business are different. From requiring website administrator assistance, to SEO, to Social Media, to proper marketing strategy to maximize your

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Smarter Business Solutions (SBS) has an initial primary focus of assisting non-automotive dealerships grow in their digital marketing knowledge and strategic planning – although I am willing to help any small business that needs marketing help. SBS is located in southwestern Ontario but has a track record of making businesses across Canada better, one step at a time.

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